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The Bitters Gay is dedicated and passionate about making cocktails taste better, two squirts at a time. We produce Hand Crafted Small Batch Cocktail Bitters. Each batch takes several weeks to prepare - and the results - well, taste them for yourself. Once you've had The Bitters Gay you won't want a drink without them.

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TBG's First Experience With Nopi

November 03, 2015

Cocktails go hand in hand with amazing food. I was raised in the restaurant business and know a thing or two about cooking. Nopi is a three star Michelin restaurant in London. The head chef decided to put a cookbook together and it just came out last week (available on Amazon). The hubs decided it was time to present me with a new challenge in the kitchen and surprised me with a copy. After flipping through the book I settled on what of course appeared to be one of the most complicated dishes - the Chicken Pastilla (with Truffle and Tarragon Carrots as a side dish). If you want to see more photos of how it turned out - take...

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