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The Bitter Gays


Our Hand Crafted Small Batch bitters is truly a product of love. It's a love of making something other people enjoy. We (the owners) are crazy about cocktails and we fell in love - with the history, the art of crafting bitters and the wonderful results. Yes, we're drinkers. We like our booze and we like to add flavor, spice and aroma that aid in bringing out the best flavors possible in our drinks of choice. Because we've had so much fun in the crafting process- and continue to have fun experimenting with flavor combinations... we want to share it with the world. So please - if you're like us - and want better tasting cocktails - try a bottle. If you love it like we do - then please - come back and buy more! And either way - please check back regularly for new flavors. If you're looking for something particular or want more of something that's no longer in stock - just ask. Start to finish a small batch can take anywhere from two to four weeks.