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Quite Simply... Every. Flavor. We. Offer. 

Orange Bitters
Classic Bitters
Root Beer Bitters
KB's Smoky Herby Yummy Bitters
Coffee-Pecan Bitters
Chocolate Lavender Mint Bitters
Chocolate Orange Spice Bitters
Cherry Vanilla Bitters
Lavender Green Tea Bitters
Cucumber Lavender Bitters
Lemon Spice Bitters
Grapefruit, Rosemary & Lavender
Apple Cider
**Bacon Chipotle Chocolate** NEW FLAVOR - (Made with Real Bacon)
**Lemon Basil Cucumber** NEW FLAVOR

These are our own personal thoughts on what spirits they pair well with - by no means do we discourage the use of our bitters in any form of cocktail

Bitters best with Bourbon, Rye and Whiskey:

KB's Smokey Herby Yummy - The Manhattan lovers bitter of choice
Apple Cider - Notes of apple and cinnamon
Bacon Chipotle Chocolate - **NEW FLAVOR** - Salty flavor with a light bacon taste, and a warm rich heat (MADE WITH BACON)
Cherry Vanilla - Exactly what it sounds like ;-)
Chocolate Lavender Mint - Great mint flavor with chocolate undertones
Chocolate Orange Spice - One of our personal favorites - Orange flavor with a zippy heat and chocolate undertone
Classic - For those of you that want something a little better than the standard bitters found everywhere
Coffee-Pecan - Strong Coffee flavor with notes of pecan and sweetness (2 Squirts are great in a cup of coffee for a little kick)
Root Beer - Don't dis it before you've tried it - even root beer haters like this one. Sweet and Earthy
Orange - if you love classic bitters and you're an Old Fashioned kinda drinker - YOU WANT THIS ONE

Bitters best with Vodka & Gin (clear spirits)

Cucumber Lavender - Very light bitter that adds a clean, refreshing taste to your cocktail
Grapefruit Rosemary & Lavender - One of our biggest sellers and personal favorites. Amazing in anything clear!
Lavender Green Tea - The lavender in this bitter helps offset the bitterness of the green tea - but an excellent strong bitter
Lemon Basil Cucumber - **NEW FLAVOR** - Clean and fresh, great with Vodka cocktails

Made especially for Tequila (but use it however you like!)

Lemon Spice - Strong notes of lemon and this one packs some real heat! 

The Bitters Gay requests you drink responsibly and make smart choices

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