Classic Bitters - 4 fl oz - The Bitters Gay

Classic Bitters - 4 fl oz

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The Classic Bitters is our homage to that old bottle of Angostura Bitters you probably have buried in the back of your pantry somewhere. This is a great Bitter that should be included with any bar set. Each bottle is 4 fl oz.

Suggested Cocktail:
The Old Fashioned (duh!)

Rocks Glass
Add on sugar cube into the rocks class and soak with Two Squirts of The Bitters Gay Classic Bitters
Add a dash of cold water
Muddle Sugar, Bitters and Cold Water in the bottom of the glass until sugar is dissolved
Fill the glass with ice
Add 2 oz of your favorite Bourbon or Rye Whisky (We like Bullet Rye at the moment)
Garnish with a cocktail cherry and an orange slice
*For an added kick - add a half squirt of The Bitters Gay Orange Bitters at the same time you add the Classic Bitters

The Bitters Gay requests you drink responsibly and make smart choices