Cocktail Bitters - 1 oz bottles x 4 - Choose your Flavors - The Bitters Gay

Cocktail Bitters - 1 oz bottles x 4 - Choose your Flavors

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We offer 1oz Bottles in every flavor available (That's 15 Flavor Options!). Please just tell us in the comments when placing your order which FOUR flavors you want. Current flavors available are:

Orange Bitters
Classic Bitters
Root Beer Bitters
KB's Smoky Herby Yummy Bitters
Coffee-Pecan Bitters
Chocolate Lavender Mint Bitters
Chocolate Orange Spice Bitters
Cherry Vanilla Bitters
Lavender Green Tea Bitters
Cucumber Lavender Bitters
Lemon Spice Bitters
Grapefruit, Rosemary & Lavender
Apple Cider
**Bacon Chipotle Chocolate** NEW FLAVOR - (Made with Real Bacon)
**Lemon Basil Cucumber** NEW FLAVOR

These are our own personal thoughts on what spirits they pair well with - by no means do we discourage the use of our bitters in any form of cocktail

Bitters best with Bourbon, Rye and Whiskey:

KB's Smokey Herby Yummy - The Manhattan lovers bitter of choice
Apple Cider - Notes of apple and cinnamon
Bacon Chipotle Chocolate - **NEW FLAVOR** - Salty flavor with a light bacon taste, and a warm rich heat (MADE WITH BACON)
Cherry Vanilla - Exactly what it sounds like ;-)
Chocolate Lavender Mint - Great mint flavor with chocolate undertones
Chocolate Orange Spice - One of our personal favorites - Orange flavor with a zippy heat and chocolate undertone
Classic - For those of you that want something a little better than the standard bitters found everywhere
Coffee-Pecan - Strong Coffee flavor with notes of pecan and sweetness (2 Squirts are great in a cup of coffee for a little kick)
Root Beer - Don't dis it before you've tried it - even root beer haters like this one. Sweet and Earthy
Orange - if you love classic bitters and you're an Old Fashioned kinda drinker - YOU WANT THIS ONE

Bitters best with Vodka & Gin (clear spirits)

Cucumber Lavender - Very light bitter that adds a clean, refreshing taste to your cocktail
Grapefruit Rosemary & Lavender - One of our biggest sellers and personal favorites. Amazing in anything clear!
Lavender Green Tea - The lavender in this bitter helps offset the bitterness of the green tea - but an excellent strong bitter
Lemon Basil Cucumber - **NEW FLAVOR** - Clean and fresh, great with Vodka cocktails

Made especially for Tequila (but use it however you like!)

Lemon Spice - Strong notes of lemon and this one packs some real heat!