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KB's Smoky Herby Yummy Bitters - 4 fl oz

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KB's Smoky Herby Yummy - Here's the back story - In my day job - my counterpart - Kathy (nicknamed KB) is my drinking buddy. We're both huge fans of Scotch and Bourbon and Whisky. A few years back I found a cocktail in an English Bar in Los Angeles - The Bobby Burns - and shared the drink with Kathy - she was hooked (I already was) by the smoky flavor (it's typically scotch based) - she quickly started calling these the Smoky Herby Yummy - The key ingredient in a Bobby Burns (recipe provided below) is Benedictine - a sweet liquor that's recipe has been safeguarded since the 1500s. It's been stated that only three living people at any one time know the full recipe - but it involves 27 plants/herbs and an aging process that takes up to 18 months. There are three key ingredients, Angelica (think mushrooms), Hyssop (think alfalfa) and Lemon Balm. The KB's Smoky Herby Yummy is a take on these flavor combinations. No - it doesn't taste like Benedictine - but the bitters are strong and add extra smoke and enhance any Scotch or Whisky - just add one squirt to scotch or whisky on the rocks or neat.

Suggested Cocktail:
The Bobby Burns - Served Up

Pre-chill a cocktail glass (if desired but not necessary)

Fill Cocktail Shaker with Ice
2oz Scotch (Suggest Highland Park 12 year)
1.5 oz Sweet (red) vermouth
3/4 cap full of Benedictine (just use the cap of the bottle of Benedictine to measure this out) - AKA about three or four drops
For added smoky flavor add one squirt of The Bitters Gay- KB's Smoky Herby Yummy
Pour into cocktail glass -
Take a twist of lemon (I use a vegetable peeler to get a wide twist), Pinch in half lengthwise to force the essence of the lemon oil out of the twist and then use a lighter and quickly run the flame back and forth over the outer (the yellow skin part of the lemon) skin a couple of times (may get a couple little sparks - cool right! - and toss into the cocktail.

The Bitters Gay requests you drink responsibly and make smart choices :-)